Engraving Form


Wilbert offers multiple ways to personalize a burial vault or urn vault with words, symbols, and images that speak of a singular spirit. Your loved one had a unique personality. The selections you make for the visitation and service should communicate that singular spirit. These choices ensure your loved one's memory is remembered for generations to come.

Set Up

Calumet Wilbert offers three types of burial set ups, Wilbert Way (WW) where permitted by the cemetery, Device and Greens, placer, Set and Seal.  The set ups consists of an above ground seal and a lowering device, also known as The Wilbert Way Lowering Device. The difference in the set ups is in the placement of the vault and the vault cover during the funeral service.

Grass & Chairs

Grass and chairs are available to families who would like a graveside service. The grass and folding chairs will be neatly arranged under the tents. Calumet Wilbert Burial Vault manages the delivery, setup, and removal of the grass and chairs.


One tent are set by Calumet Wilbert Burial Vault at the gravesite for funeral services. The tent cover the burial area and provides a comfortable place for families to gather during the funeral. At the end of the funeral, the family tent is removed.


Nameplates give burial vaults a personalized touch with hundreds of emblems to choose from. They are a standard feature of Monarchs and above.


Calumet Wilbert provides disinterment services. If it becomes necessary to move a vault from one location to another, Calumet can assist.  We handle everything from locating the vault to relocating the vault to a new location.

Vault Transfer

Vault Transfer is a service available between Wilbert licensees and dealers. Wilbert Burial Vault uses the vault transfer service when a burial request has been made outside of the licensee territory. The location of the cemetery is needed to determine the appropriate Wilbert licensee or dealer. Since the services offered by each Wilbert licensee vary, the licensees work together on a per burial basis to determine the services, such as tents, grass, chairs, and grave digging, that each licensee will provide for the burial.